Referral Contest

$100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Gift Card

Or cash transfer via Venmo or Paypal or another gift card you prefer. Any additional fees for your chosen form of cash transfer will be paid out of the $100. [$100 value]

Keto Mojo

Keto-Mojo GK+

A Keto-Mojo GK+ starter kit for measuring blood glucose and blood ketones and for calculating and tracking GKI. Recommended by our experts. [$49.99 + taxes & shipping]

Signed Movie Poster

Choose to receive the teaser version signed by the directors right away or wait until May for a more official version potentially signed by 5+ cast members. [$44.90 plus my priceless signature ;-)]

Books by featured experts

Including Travis Christofferson's Tripping over the Truth, Dr. Jason Fung's The Cancer Code, Dr. Nasha Winter & Jess Higgins-Kelly's The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, Miriam Kalamian's Keto for Cancer, and more. [$147.84 + taxes & shipping]


Kyoord Premium Olive Oil

Developed by a cancer researcher, The Governor contains 8 times more polyphenols, including oleocanthal. [$69.00 + taxes & shipping]

T-shirt and other swag

CANCEREVOLUTION t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat or face mask and assorted other swag. [$40.00 + taxes & shipping]

Two Ways to Win

Refer the most donations.

Refer the most donors.

For example, if you refer 1 person who donates $1,000, you may have the most donations. If you refer 100 people who donate $5, you may have the most donors. 

How to Enter in Four Easy Steps

1. Visit the IndieGoGo page [click here]

2. Generate your custom referral link using the social share buttons or use the link icon on the page [see video].

3. Share your custom referral link. All contributions made via your link will be tracked as your referrals.

4. Win! Have the most donors or most money donated through your link by midnight US Pacific Time December 15, 2021.

Tips on How to Win

  • We’ve had the most success emailing our friends and family directly. We’ve been thrilled by how many people are delighted to find out about the project and eager help out.
  • Facebook is our biggest source of traffic to the IGG page even though we’re terrible at Facebook.
  • Get creative! Write some articles, host an AMA, run your own referral… You have better ideas then me!

Who Can Win and Other Rules

  • Residents of the US and Canada are eligible for the full prize and we will pay shipping and handling.
  • Residents of UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand are eligible but additional shipping costs will be deducted from the cash prize. The winner is responsible for any import taxes and duties. I know some EU imports can be harsh so we’ll discuss with any affected winners if they want to make modifications to the prize package.
  • If you reside somewhere besides the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia or New Zealand, send an email before entering the contest and we can probably arrange to take any extra shipping out of the prize money.
  • Of course, you’re not eligible if you live in a country where this kind of activity is restricted. That is, “Void where prohibited.”
How to Enter
  • Entry details are described above.
  • Only contributions made through a referral link after 12am Pacific time beginning of day 2 December 2021 and before 12am Pacific Time beginning of day 16 December 2021 will count towards the contest. That means your first contribution or other referrals not made through your referral link very well may not count towards this contest. They count for our gratitude and any perks you elected to receive at the time of your contribution.
  • The winners will be notified by 7 December 2021.
  • No Purchase Necessary and Purchase does not enhance chance of winning. No consideration is required to participate.

If you hate or can’t use Amazon, we’re happy to replace the gift card with the equivalent amount of another gift card that can be purchased online from the US or transfer cash directly. Any fees will be deducted from the US$100.


This contest is sponsored by Jones Wellness, LLC, Brad’s company. He lives at 1808 Bigelow Ave N A102, Seattle WA 98109. Keto-Mojo, Kyoord, Chelsea Green and HarperCollins Publishers¬† generously provided the prizes and permission to use their name.

Good Luck!

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