Sundance Film Institute Grants

Sundance Development Grant Application

Submitted 8 February. Below is our application for the Summer 2021 Sundance Development Grant. I was a little thrown off that the actual website application form was so different from the standard grant application instructions floating around so I'm leaving this here in case it's helpful ...

Documentary Core Application Proposal Checklist

The newest hope for cancer is actually one of the oldest. Buried for a century, the metabolic theory of cancer is overturning entrenched dogma and reshaping the future of cancer treatment.  PROJECT DESCRIPTION Story Summary The story will be told through narration, interviews with world-renown experts, original 3D ...

Join the cause!

It takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to become clinical treatment. The research reviewed in this film can save lives now. We are grateful for any and all donations that will allow us to get this information into the hands of the people who need it most.

Click here to donate to our Indiegogo campaign.

If you're considering a larger gift but require tax-exempt status, please reach out directly as this can be arranged.

Our goal for this documentary is to raise awareness. If there are any profits, a portion will be donated to the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies.